Wall Street Share offers a unique value proposition for both established private companies and entrepreneurs with robust potential.  One of the most frequent deficiencies of good companies is their inability to access adequate capital to make their businesses successful.  Wall Street Share provides a compelling solution for such companies by helping connect them with appropriate pools of capital, including internal funds managed by us, while solving the challenge of finding office space which is sufficiently flexible to account for changes in size and requirements as companies find the need to adjust the scale of their workforce.

Wall Street Share licenses office space to companies, which incur no financial obligation other than paying rent.  Our concept is very different than standard co-working spaces; we develop close working relationships with our tenant companies, conduct strategic analyses of their business prospects, make direct investments in the most compelling opportunities with our proprietary capital, and introduce tenants to our extensive network of prospective investors, including private equity funds, family offices, hedge funds and wealthy individuals.  We also host exclusive investor forums in Wall Street Share’s offices in which companies will have an opportunity to pitch their businesses to pre-qualified external funding sources in a casual and friendly setting.

Wall Street Share’s Managing Member has extensive experience in the hedge fund industry and has helped multiple private company startups raise over $100 million in the past four years, including opportunities which other traditional funding sources didn’t understand.  Our company has a stringent assessment process to ensure that only businesses with significant potential are admitted, and its goal is to create an exclusive ecosystem of extraordinary companies and help them realize their potential through the provision of funding assistance, strategic advice, and introductions to prospective partners and potential acquirers.  Wall Street Share’s vetting process and direct interaction with tenant companies will set a high standard, and the resulting exclusivity is expected to attract significant interest from prospective capital sources.