Our Philosophy 

Wall Street Share's team has analyzed, started and invested in a plethora of private and public companies, and we appreciate how difficult it is to access appropriate pools of capital. We understand the frustration of pitching stories to prospective investors who just don’t get it, and our experience, capital and relationships could be invaluable in helping you to identify funding sources, strategic partners, personnel and acquirers.  We believe our extensive experience and worldwide connections in many different fields coupled with our proprietary capital could be instrumental in supplementing the missing components for your business to thrive.  Our team is passionate about helping compelling ventures succeed. We are entrepreneurs ourselves who are driven by creativity and “out of the box” concepts – not fund managers or bankers who are more interested in your spreadsheets than your compelling stories.

Wall Street Share believes that creating an ecosystem of business opportunities that have the potential to generate significant shareholder value provides a nexus of interest for financial institutions, strategic investors, and other prospective funding sources that would otherwise be unaware of such opportunities.